Georgian in Iran

Iranian Georgian story dates back to approximately 500 years ago. Today’s Georgian was a subject to Iran starting from the 16th century till the early 18th century. Shah Abbas I, his successors and predecessors transported a considerable number of population group of Georgians as well as Armenian. Travel diaries recorded the history of their migration. Christians entering Iran from the northwest, based on their past geographical location, the financial and social status of their lives transferred to the particular region.

They have settled in a group around Gilan, Mazandaran, and some of them brought to Fars. However the central area of resettlement of Georgians in Iran was around Isfahan. When they come to western Isfahan, they were separated in two parts, Fereydan and Fereydunshahr, which the Georgian called Martqopi.

Iranian Georgian

Why have they settled in Fereydan?

Shah Abbas was aware of the Georgian military’s ability. As a result, he sent them to this area for preventing Bakhtiari tribe’s probable attack to Safavid capital city. On the other hand he makes his city -Isfahan- secure by the Georgians. In addition to Georgian military’s ability, the similarity of the Fereydan climate with Georgia was also effective in this historical transition.

Jobs and occupation

After migration Christians to Iran, Armenian were involved in commerce and Georgians in military employments because of their talents. Although people in financial or administrative positions did not have to change their religion, the one who had military profession had to become Muslim. So they have integrated with the local community more.

Famous Iranian Georgians

In the Safavid and Qajar era, some of Iranian military administrators, commanders and aristocracies were Georgians. The most famous Georgians in Iranian history have included Allah Verdi khan, who has constructed Si-o-Se Pol bridge, and Rustam Khan who was one of the Safavid military commanders. In addition to military positions, we had Georgian artists such as Aliquli Jaabdar, who is well-known for his painting and Nematollah Gorji, as an actor. Iranians have had impressive characters in their history with Georgian roots such as Nima Yushij, a poet famous as the father of modern Persian poetry was Georgian.

Iranian Georgian

Allah Verdi Khan, Si-o-Se Pol bridge constructor, Isfahan , the second person from left in orange

Ignore anything Donald Trump says about Iran

Security and safety are the biggest concerns of travelers that unfortunately regarding to what media broadcasts about countries in the world. Misleading propaganda of media has dragged the name of Iran and cause to get surprise of Iran’s travelers. Everyone travels to Iran with a suspicious mind and leave the country with a smile of confidence and pleasure. No one comes back home with a negative or even neutral feedback about this country.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

“Aldous Huxley”

Security in Iran

Security in Iran


In addition to spectacular sights and attractions, the warmth and hospitality of Iranians will blow your mind. From the outside Iranians might look not so welcoming, but the guests are in the highest position in their culture. Iranians don’t let you to feel homesick. When you look at them, they smile and eager to hear about the place you’re from. Enjoyable moments in Iran, birthplace to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, will erase your preconception forever.

Crime in Iran

Leave aside media hype. Statistics show crime rate in Iran is significantly less than average European or American countries. Travelers can stay in locals’ homes without worries and experience Iranians hospitality. Tourism police try to maintain a safety atmosphere in touristic cities. Tourist policemen usually speak multiple languages to handle complaints and guide travelers with great respect. It pays to be cautious for travelling to the border surroundings around Sistan va Baluchistan Province. Border areas are not as safe as elsewhere in Iran but people continue to travel there without any trouble. Attack on tourist have not ever reported.

Security in Iran

Security in Iran

When you ask tourists about Iranian driving culture, they smile and say “It’s unpredictable but it doesn’t mean you never feel safety in Iran”. There’s little you can do to control this beyond asking your driver to slow down or crossing the street carefully. You can use subway system in big cities and save yourself from traffic jam.