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Do you know about Abarkuh Cypress?

Located in Abarkuh, 140 km to the west of Yazd, the giant cypress 25 meters tall, attracts travelers’ attention from kilometers in the distance. There is no reason not stopping in the heart of Iran on your way between Shiraz and Yazd. The old cedar has more than four millennia of age. That is why it considered as a beautiful place to stop. Regardless of its oldness, the tree deserves to be noticed. Since its beauty and evenly grown crown of the tree with 14.07 m diameter makes it the most attractive cypress in the world.

Abarkuh Cypress

Zoroasterian Tree in Abarkuh

Zoroastrian Tree?

The Persian cypress named “Sarv-e Abarkuh” also is known as “Zoroastrian Tree” in Iranian myths. Since they believe that it is planted by Prophet Zoroaster himself in 2000 BC, symbolizes eternal life. 11.5 m circumference of the trunk, according to the measurements in 2004, makes its base standing steadier than ever. It survives in the middle of the desert with its harsh climate and witness the rise and fall of the numerous dynasties in Iran.

“Here, the first Aryan settlers, 4500 years ago, planted a Sacred Cypress known as one of the oldest trees in the whole world “

Therefore in Iranian culture, art, and religion, they use cypress as a holly tree. Stone carvings of Persepolis and miniature, it is a symbol of life and beauty. The main motif and pattern in calico and tile working is the bending tip of the cypress that is a sign of mourning in Islamic religions. This ancient tree once had been one of the 12 trees worshiped by Ras Tribe. Locals also know this evergreen cypress as a holy place to donate for charities and make their wishes go well.