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Trip by Motorcycle

Travel has a great variety. Some travelers lost their mind about seeing roads! They begin to explore the world on foot; some are so-called Hychhayk. Some travel neither on foot nor public vehicle, but by their own vehicle. They prefer self-drive. If this is a car or motorcycle, it’s easier to work.

Moreover, motorcycle touring is a kind of tourism that needs a motorcycle. Since 1915 motorcycle touring has been held. When one travels by motorbike, the journey becomes the destination. Iran with its dazzling scenes and most welcoming people would be the top destination for motorcyclists to be chosen. It just needs to have an adventurous spirit, love of riding a motorcycle and armed with its license.

Why Motorcycle?

Traveling by motorcycle has its own advantages like feeling freedom, you can go anywhere, anytime your heart wishes, making the connection to the World around You. Unlike buses and trains, where walls, curtains and the ceiling restrict your view of the road! Being a budget, traveling with motorbikes is significantly cheaper than any other kinds of travel and Generating adrenaline makes riders feel empowered.

Raid Orion Revival

Back in time there have been thousands of travelers who visit Iran by motorcycle, for instance, since July 1972 nearly a hundred bikes have been ridden more than 7000 km of roads, A long journey, from Paris to Isfahan in Iran.

Lois Pryce also is one of the Adventure travelers who rode her Motorcycle solo 3,000 miles across Iran in 2 months and wrote a book about her journey and named it, Revolution Ride. According to what she says, of all her adventures, visiting Iran has affected her most profoundly.

As soon as I crossed the border it became apparent that the Iranian people were going to make me fall head over heels in love with their country

(Lois Pryce)




So pick up the best sceneries through the perfect nature and outdoors. It’s an opportunity to experience varied geography and culture in Iran.