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The structure of Iranian guesthouses construct according to the great accomplishments of Iranian architecture. They benefited from the architects of all nations in  Iran as well as the neighboring nations since Iran was located at the crossroads of civilizations.

What is a guesthouse?

Are you sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the modernized world, seeking for tranquility? Travel back in time by accommodating in one of the ancient mansions of Iran. Guesthouses provide you the ease and comfort of a one-star hotel. Moreover, you have the opportunity to experience homemade food and feel the real lifestyle of the locals.

A guesthouse may have different meanings around the world. Some countries may know it as an inexpensive lodging like a budget hotel. While others, define a guesthouse as exclusive use of a furnished house without the presence of a full-time staff.

Traditionally, in some villages of Iran, the only available accommodation was a private home converted to a guesthouse. However, the existing guest houses provide all the facilities a tourist may need. A place where you have a combination of traditional architecture with modern facilities to make your accommodation more convenient.

Iranian Guesthouse


Guesthouse in Iran

The structure of Iranian guesthouse constructs according to the great accomplishments of Iranian architecture. They benefited from the architects of all nations in Iran as well as the neighboring nations since Iran was located at the crossroads of civilizations.

The extremes of climate in four seasons and geographical situation of Iran provoked Iranian genius to the construction of 4-iwan at the four directions to take the most out of the energy of the sun.

Some of the things you can experience in guesthouses include cross-cultural relationship through night-gathering in the yard. After a day walking and sightseeing, guests come to the guesthouse to enjoy the quietness and peace.

Sometimes you can enter the locals’ rooms and kitchen to observe the process of food preparation or even help them and learn the recipe.

Unlike the skyscraper hotels that are constructed of concrete and glass, the traditional mansions and houses were built by mud bricks and clay. Once a private mansion, it is a classic hotel in the best tradition.

We can bring back all best from the past to preserve the architectural heritage of the abandoned mansion’s renovations.

Guesthouse, a B&B

A guesthouse in Iran is not just a bed to sleep in, after good sleep, the local hostess serves a delicious breakfast any time you wish. Most of the time when the guesthouse lies in villages, the breakfast provides with local products. You have flexible check in and out, by making arrangements with your friendly host.

Iranian Guesthouse

Iranian Guesthouse

Local Food Restaurant in a Pleasant Space

As a local’s house usually turned into a guesthouse, the calm and relaxing courtyard, the cozy and traditional room, or the simple table in the kitchen are transformed  into a perfect place to have your food. The hostess, usually the housewife, prepares the homemade food such as rice and a kind of Khoresht (a stew made of meat, vegetables, legumes) or  traditional Iranian food. You may not find the variety of food on restaurant menus. However, you’ll experience one or two kinds of  local food each day of your stay.

Iranian Guesthouse

Iranian Guesthouse

Safety & Security

In a guesthouse, hosts make you feel welcome, offering privacy for the tourists in the simple and comfortable rooms. You may not find a safety box in your place but make sure that you can put all your properties in and lock the door. No housekeeping is done except in your presence. There is always a peaceful atmosphere in the guesthouse inviting for  friendly conversations with the managers and other travelers.

Room Style

Since Iran is a four-season country, we have different types of guesthouses based upon the place where they locate. So the room styles and their equipment are adapted with the texture and variety of guesthouse.

For example, the weather in the south of Iran is usually hot. In the case in Khuzestan province, there are some guesthouses named “Massif” which is produced by matting and straws to make shadows and to cool down the room. Also in desert areas, the guesthouses have the traditional type that normally built by clay and brick. In nomadic areas, the guests usually stay in typical tents which named “siah – chador.“


In a typical guesthouse’s room, there are furniture such as carpet or rug, mats, pillows, a bed (optional), unique table with fire beneath and thick blanket on top which named (Korsee), traditional box or pyx, natural heater with wood (it can also be as an electric heater), ceiling fan (sometimes splits and chillers).


In residential units or guesthouses of third – grade, there are at least one set of sanitary and bathroom services and at least three springs for each unit and in the second-class accommodation units, in addition to at least three sets of health services, at least one third of the units should have a health-care suite and an independent bathroom. In the first-class accommodation units, all units provide a sanitary service and a separate bathroom.


The typical system of sleeping and bedding is surface-sleeping (floor sleeping). In this case, at least you supposed to have your own sleeping bag. Most of the time they serve you mat, pillow and blanket for each person. Sometimes according to the type of the guesthouse, you will have a single bed to sleep.

Wi-Fi and Internet connection

According to the defined standards for guesthouses, there should be internet access for guests and travelers. However, there is LAN internet access (not at rooms mostly in main office or lobby).