Garmeh, an Ancient Oasis in Desert

Garmeh Village

Garmeh Village is one of the most mysterious places in Iran’s central desert that is surrounded by the Dasht-e Kavir. It is a mud-brick village where you will discover wonderful landscapes. Some of the monuments of the village were built during the Sassanian Empire (3-7 AD) which are adapted to the desert architecture. Moreover, Fish spa and walking in the village are favorite attractions for tourists in this oasis.


An ancient oasis in desert

“Garmeh is a wonderful village in the province of Isfahan, which gives you a great opportunity to walk. If you like fish spa, there is a small spring around the village that calms your leg.”

Need to know in Garmeh?

During your stay in the village and depending on your time, you can go for a walk in the palms garden. Then, put your feet in the spring with doctor fishes or climb the nearest mountain or hill to have a view of its surroundings.

Starry Night in Garmeh Desert Village

You can also visit other villages nearby like Ordib, Iraaj and Dadkin with gardens and mountains, Bayazeh and its castle, Abgarm and its hot water. Furthermore, 80km from Garmeh to Jandaq you will find Mesr and Farahzad village and the dunes all around (


Palm trees garden, Garmeh


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