How Iranian youth movement shocked the world?

In spite of the similarity between Iranian youth and young people of other countries, they also have distinct differences with each other.

Iranian youth is moving toward a great Renaissance from many years ago. In spite of the similarity between Iranian youth and young people of other countries, they also have distinct differences with each other. In this article, we introduce the Iranian youth and their interests to you.

Iranian Youth

According to the 2016 statistics, the population composition of Iran is quite the opposite of its 8 thousand years of history. The statistics depict that more than 20 percent of Iran’s population is under the age of 35. The youth has made great strides in education. Iranian youth are literate and consider studying at university as the first step in their future success. The family also encourages children to gain knowledge. Therefore, it can be undoubtedly said that Iranians today stand at a good position of science and knowledge. In addition to science, Iranian young people both men and women have a particular desire to the sport. Their interest in the national sport such as wrestling and Zoorkhaneh sport is also rooted in national and religious identity.

Iranian youth

Iran Men’s National Volleyball Team, the strongest team in Asia and ranks 8th in the FIVB World Rankings | Photo by Javid Nikpour

It’s essential for young people to live up to date and modern. They use the majority of social networks that Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram are the most popular in Iran. The Iranian youth also cares about their appearance which sometimes inspired by Iranian and Western artists. They are family oriented and respect family values, However, they think differently in comparison to their parents due to their generation gap.

Music is an important part of Iranian life. Iranian youth cares about Iranian and foreign music. Traditional (Classical), pop and rock music are among the most popular among Iranian young people. When you walk on Iran streets, you’ll certainly see a young man who is listening to one of his favorite music with headphones.

Iran youth musicians

Homayoun Shajarian & Sepideh Raissadat, Iranian singers and musicians

The cinema is one of the best options for them to spend their free time. After receiving the Oscars award by Asghar Farhadi, the interest of young people in cinema has grown again.

The Iranian youth spends a part of their time to learn one of the foreign languages. English, German, and French languages usually have more fans. Young people usually come near the tourists to make a friendly conversation. It is an excellent way to practice language skills they are learning. Also, travelers can take the opportunity to know more about attractive realities in Iran.


As we see on the Cyrus Cylinder, Iranians were civilized and aware people from a long time ago. Consequently, the literacy rate throughout the country is high. Mainstream schooling begins at kindergarten and ends in grade 12 in Iran. Most of the Iranians continue their studies at the universities by passing the entrance exam. Most Iranians who study and teach in universities and institutes of the world are an essential model for the Iranian youth.


Iranian women are one of the issues that most tourists point to it after traveling to Iran. Non-Iranian people consider restrictions on women’s dress code as a restriction on all aspects of social activities but the reality is something else. Get away from your mind that you will see all Iranian women wearing the black chador with a cloth covering their faces. Most women in Iran today tend to wear up to date dresses and use bright colored ones. They are fashionable and like to be brand-conscious.

The conditions of Iranian women have changed a lot from the past to now and their progress has been tangible. A large number of Iranian women  currently engage in social activities, even in important government positions. They occupy the majority of university seats nowadays. In brief, they are socially active, literate and economically independent.


Music in Iran today due to the different cultures is rich and diverse. Almost all Iranian ethnicities have their own local music. Folk music in Iran is prevalent in the provinces of Azerbaijan, Gilan, Khorasan and among ethnic groups such as Turkmen, Bakhtiari, Kurdish, Shirazi, and Baloch. They differ not only in melodies but also in dialects.

Iran traditional music (Classical Music) is in favor of different generations and rooted in Iranian culture. It has undergone some changes over time and become in today’s form. Mohammad Reza Shajarian is an international singer in the classical music field that we suggest you listen to his tracks once in your life.

You can listen to pop music everywhere in Iran. It is popular enough among people and has developed rapidly. In addition to pop, other musical genres such as rap and rock have massive fans especially teenagers.

Iran youth Grammy

Hamid Saeidi, won the Grammy Awards, 2019, the first person from the left | Photo by Michele Mattei

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