No More Fear of Squat Toilets!

Squat toilet in Iran

Squat toilet in Iran is similar to what you can expect in many countries of Asia. It is the default found in public buildings, shopping areas and restaurants, but touristic hotels have western toilets (sit-down style) known as “Farangi Toilet / توالت فرنگی” for the guests. In public spaces, the women and men’s restrooms are separated, and you should pay attention to the sign.

squat toilet in Iran

Iranian toilet is used by squatting unlike a western toilet has a sit-down style. When you travel to Iran, you won’t end up using a squat toilet, and you ultimately have to face your fears.

squat toilet in Iran

How to use the squat toilet

Squat toilet consists of a hole in the ground and the water hose on the right side of the wall. According to the cultures, there are many different ways to clean oneself after using the toilet. Having access to water in the toilet is essential for Iranians.

The left hand and a small water pipe take over duty for toilet paper, and you know why toilet paper is often not available.

Tips to know how to use the squat toilet:

  • You should take off your shoes at the door before entering and use the slippers inside.
  • Take your coat or jacket off
  • It’s better to take out everything from your pockets before squatting.
  • It would help if you take your pants down above your knees.
  • You can use water to clean yourself. Hold the water tap with the right hand and use the other hand for cleaning. Don’t worry; you could wash your hands with soap after that!
  • Watch out! Hot water can make much injuring.

squat toilet in Iran

squat toilet in Iran

In some of the toilets along with roads and streets, the Aftabeh (water vessel) is used instead of the water hose. For the use of Aftabeh, you should:

  • Fill it with some water
  • Hold it with the right hand
  • Use the left hand for cleaning

A large population in Asia uses the squat toilet without any personal injury. Many medical experts believe that using squat toilets are better for colon health. It is also easier to clean and one of the cleanest toilet in the world.

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