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Tehran International Tourism Exhibition

Iran International Tourism: Opportunities and Solutions This date, February 12-15th, 2019 was registered as the “12th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (TITE)” on the calendar of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This exhibition is an opportunity to introduce the capabilities of organizations, unions, and companies related to the tourism industry. The motto of the exhibition was “Tourism and […]

Gazor Khan Village, Jewel of Alamut

Gazor Khan Village Gazor khan village lies in Alborz Mountain, 110 km northeast of Qazvin city. The word “Gazor Khan” in the word means the laundry of elders and khans because numerous springs in the village have made this place a good one to wash. The livelihood of most people in the Gazor Khan village […]

Assassin’s Creed Games

Assassin’s Creed games Assassin’s Creed games are a mixture of imagination and historical reality. The scenario of these games shows how a small group who loves killing brings the world to chaos and fear. It is a story that seems to have happened in Alamut. But a question always lies in the minds of people, […]

The Secrets of Alamut Castle

The inaccessible castle of Alamut The spectacular Alamut Castle lies at the top of a red and gray cliff (2,100 meters above sea level) in the part of the Alborz Mountains of Iran’s Qazvin Province and built in the 9th century AD. Alamut Castle was developed in the 11th century by the Ismaili missionary, Hassan-i Sabbah […]

Assassins in Alamut Castle

Besides Alamut, Lambsar Castle, Shahdezh Castle and Rudkhan Castle were other assassins of Alamut’s basis. In other words, Seljuks and Abbasi caliphate were among the most important enemies of the Assassin. They struck fear and daggers into the hearts of mostly princes, officials, ministers and religious figures and the crusaders. For this reason, any assassination […]

No More Fear of Squat Toilets!

Squat toilet in Iran Squat toilet in Iran is similar to what you can expect in many countries of Asia. It is the default found in public buildings, shopping areas and restaurants, but touristic hotels have western toilets (sit-down style) known as “Farangi Toilet / توالت فرنگی” for the guests. In public spaces, the women […]

Georgians, an Ethnic Group in Iran

Georgian in Iran Iranian Georgian story dates back to approximately 500 years ago. Today’s Georgian was a subject to Iran starting from the 16th century till the early 18th century. Shah Abbas I, his successors and predecessors transported a considerable number of population group of Georgians as well as Armenian. Travel diaries recorded the history of […]